Your Church Online

No church wants to lose sight of its main purpose, but this does not mean that you have to avoid church marketing. If you drive your car to the store, you might get into an accident. Now you can let that fear prevent you from driving your car, or you could let that fear motivate you to be as good a driver as you can be.

The Right Reverend Jonathan Baker has been appointed as the next Bishop of Fulham. Similarly, if you attended seminary in order to prepare yourself to be a pastor, did you lose sight of God? Do you have to worry about being seen as gimmicky because you did? Why should Christians have to forego using common skills such as simple marketing in order to spread the word of God?

Many churches fear that using such skills will somehow dilute the work of God that they do. However God gave people the ability to learn and there is no harm in using learned skills in service of Him.

If you are interested in getting your church to be more open to the idea of marketing itself, but keep meeting opposition to the idea, it may be based upon unfounded fears such as these. Understanding these fears can help you to explain them and subsequently address them.

Spreading the word of God is a duty, and any means that enables that duty to be fulfilled, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone, is a good idea. We are keen to hear what you think about Your Church Online, so let us know.

Thank you for all your gifts and prayers that enable us to try to make life considerably better for those who have so little. Joan.



The Bishop of Fulham is a suffragan bishop in the Diocese of London in the Church of England. The bishopric is named after Fulham, an area of south-west London. Until 1982 the Bishop of Fulham was the bishop with episcopal oversight of churches in northern and central Europe. In that year, responsibility for these parishes was transferred to the Bishop of Gibraltar, as head of the renamed Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe. see: Diocese of London - Bishop of Fulham