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If there is concern that marketing implies some kind of gimmick, your church should take a more technical approach to marketing itself, perhaps via Christian search engine optimization.

We are here to help convince your congregation that marketing your church is a good idea, and will simply provide you with a greater ability to reach people. There is no danger of the church becoming a sell out just because it chooses to market itself.

The more believers in your church, the more of you there are doing God’s work. What more could your church ask of itself? Contact us with your questions and suggestions.




The Bishop of Fulham is a suffragan bishop in the Diocese of London in the Church of England. The bishopric is named after Fulham, an area of south-west London. Until 1982 the Bishop of Fulham was the bishop with episcopal oversight of churches in northern and central Europe. In that year, responsibility for these parishes was transferred to the Bishop of Gibraltar, as head of the renamed Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe. see: Diocese of London - Bishop of Fulham